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Set-Up Your E-mail

Written By: Staff Support

Staff members who have achieved the status of Junior Reporter and above will be assigned an e-mail address for use in conducting business with their sources and college administration.  They are a great way to show potential sources and interviewees that you are a serious part of a serious organization and will serve to legitimize your contact with those people.  As such, The-Quill e-mails, once assigned, should be used in lieu of personal accounts at all times to maintain the newspaper’s good, professional image.

Access to and use of these accounts is a privilege mediated by The-Quill‘s Communication Guidelines.  Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in a loss of this privilege and disciplinary action.


Your New E-mail Address

E-mail addresses take the following forms -

For reporters: (1GB Storage Limit)

For editors: (Unlimited Storage)


Accessing Your New E-mail

Use the following information to set up your e-mail account to function with your e-mail client on your computer, cell phone, or tablet:

Mail Server Username:

Incoming Mail Server: (SSL)

Outgoing Mail Server: (SSL) (server requires authentication) port 465

You may also use the Web Portal to access your staff e-mail address.

The Web Portal also contains links which can help you to configure your e-mail client, change your password, or forward your e-mail to another account.  Please be careful if you choose to forward your The-Quill e-mail to your personal account, as you may inadvertently reply to business e-mails from an improper account.



Once you have configured your e-mail client, you should create a signature to be appended to all e-mails.  The signature should follow this format:

Your Name
Your Title